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Museum of Islamic Art Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, is a museum for the world. It will bring the world to Doha, but it will connect Doha to the world. The Museum of Islamic Art is dedicated to being the foremost Islamic Art in the world, and as well as center of education and information in the field of the arts of the islamic world. Through the  vision of its leadership and dedication of its staff, the Museum of Islamic Art will manifest this commitment by establishing, preserving, and documenting a collection that reflects the vitality, the complexity, and the diversity of the arts of the islamic world []

For further information please click Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar


Aqua Park Qatar is a small, basic water park consisting of a three-storey slide tower featuring five slides from Canadian manufacturer WhiteWater West, a small wave pool and a small lazy river.

Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special either. Although it recently opened in autumn 2010, it was closed when I went there in March 2011 and is due to reopen in April. Expansion is underway.

The good thing is that the brochures call it the ‘first water theme park in Qatar’, which means that there will be a second. The real deal, however, is the reinvented city of Doha itself – ‘The Pearl’ island and the ‘Katara’ cultural village, with its brand-new opera house, feel and look like the very best a theme park could be []

For further information please click Aqua Park Qatar


Al-Zubarah fort serves as a pristine example of a typical Arab fort built using the traditional Qatari technique. The Coast Guard used the sturdy fort as a station until the mid 1980s when it was turned into a museum to display findings uncovered in the nearby Al-Zubarah archeological area []

For further information please click Zubara Fort Qatar


A unique resort in Qatar, Sealine Beach Resort is an oasis of tranquility located amidst the poetical dunes of the Arabian desert kissed by the blue waters of the Arabian sea. Manicured lawns with an abundance of plants, trees and shrubs really make Sealine Beach Resort an idyllic venue at the magical merging point of the sand and the sea. Ideal for holiday makers as well as for corporate escapes, the resort provides amenities and facilities to satisfy your every need and demand []

For further information please click Sealine Beach Resort Qatar


Discover the best the Med has seen, in a setting previously unimaginable. The Pearl-Qatar offers unique, true freehold investment opportunities in a safe, relaxed, friendly and exclusive environment. This is the Middle East’s most glamorous address where Pearlesque names, crafted from an intriguing mix of Italian, French, Spanish and Arabic, summon up the charm of the old world, and the spirit of the new.

For further information please click The Pearl Qatar


Qatar Science & Technology Park, is a home for technology-based companies from around the world and an incubator for start-ups enterprises. Providing premises and services, QSTP’s support programs help organisations develop and commercialise their technologies.

At the forefront of industry-university collaboration, QSTP is located in Qatar Foundation’s Education City, alongside campuses of several leading universities. Its objective, to attract companies and entrepreneurs from around the world, to develop & commercialise their technology in Qatar.

Among our first proud members are EADS, ExxonMobil, GE, Microsoft, Shell and Total; bringing research and business together, while spurring the development of Qatar’s knowledge economy.

For further information please click Qatar Science & Technology Park


Lusail City is one of the most ambitious and ground breaking concepts of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company, which aspires to become the most internationally renowned company in real estate investment.

Qatari Diar has succeeded in proving itself as a company that places the well-being of society among its top priorities. It achieves this by continually striving to improve and enhance people’s quality of life and abiding to the most stringent of international standards.

Lusail City is a futuristic project which will create a modern and ambitious society. The smart, peaceful and inspirational environment combines artistic elements of architecture with various practical and versatile services in order to satisfy all the needs of its residents and visitors.

For further information please click Lusail City Project Qatar


The Doha Corniche is a waterfront promenade extending for several kilometers along Doha Bay in the capital city ofDoha, the state of Qatar. Running parallel to the Corniche is Corniche St., a main thoroughfare which connects Doha’s emerging West Bay business district with the south of the city and Doha International Airport. Formed following extensive dredging work carried out during the late 1970s and early 1980s which reshaped Doha’s coastline, the Corniche is today a popular location among walkers, bikers and joggers.

The Corniche used to be an empty stretch of walkway in which the only visible edifice was the Sheraton Hotel, but development has increased in the last decade with dozens of skyscrapers being built towards the north of the Corniche. Much change has occurred in the last twenty years, due to the new fame of Doha (Qatar’s capital), the economic boom the country has been experiencing, and the country’s desire to open up and promote tourism, which was facilitated by the 2006 Asian Games. Many of Doha’s landmarks are found along the Corniche which begins near the Museum of Islamic Art, and ends at the Sheraton Park near the distinctive pyramid-shaped Sheraton Hotel. (by wikipedia)

For further information please click Corniche Project Doha


Officially opened on 4 December 2011, the Qatar National Convention Centre is an unparalleled convention facility, boasting iconic design and cutting edge facilities in a world-first green-technology venue. QNCC is the first of its kind being built to the gold certification of U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

QNCC provides a venue of choice for regional and international conventions, exhibitions, gala events, concerts, theatrical productions and banquets

For further information please click here Qatar National Convention Centre


Since the start of our activity in Qatar from 1998 SAIC has been always keen to upgrade its services provided through both divisions Landscaping and Farm Production.

SAIC as Landscaping Contractor Specialized on the Construction and Maintenance of Landscaping Projects in Qatar, mainly Turf Fields, Soft Landscaping and Automatic Irrigation Networks and Hardscaping had continuously improved its Machinery, Equipments, upgraded its Personnel Performance to fulfill high quality in its Project in Qatar such as Sport City, Qatar Olympic Committee, Qatar Foundation, Municipalities and other distinguish Clients.

SAIC Farm has now production potential of 3 Millions Seasonal Flowers per year of different varieties in addition to Shrubs, Ground Covers, Trees plus over 700 Ton of Vegetables. Farm major production is carried from our advanced Greenhouses. New techniques are used such as Hydroponics. Our Farm also includes 2 Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Plants supplying our clean water needs. Our Staff Accommodation is located in SAIC Farm and enjoying healthy facilities.

SAIC is now playing a major role in Qatar Landscaping and Farming activities and aiming to continuous upgrading of our services and supply the best to our Clients. (

For further information please click here Al Sulaiteen Agriculture Qatar

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